How to find the perfect place for your wedding

When choosing where to get married it is important to observe, among other details, the style and time of the ceremony, the number of guests, and the facilities the venue offers.

When do you imagine the wedding of dreams what comes to your mind? What is the bride and groom’s favorite place? With whom will this moment be shared? What will the decoration be like? What kind of music will be played?

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The wedding is a unique moment and leaving it with the groom’s face will make it even more special, fun, and pleasant. For this, a good place for the party and the ceremony is fundamental. According to Fernanda Floret, Fashion Design specializing in Events and Ceremonies, who writes since 2008 the Blog Wedding Dress, a wedding with the groom’s face begins with a perfect place to get married that suits them.

Currently, there are many options for a wedding: at home, at the beach, on the farm, in a restaurant, hotel, in a historical place, in the party space! With so many options the bride and groom need to think about some details related to the wedding that will determine the best place to hold it, such as the number of guests, time and type of the ceremony, and the cost-benefit ratio. The analysis of these items together with the groom’s style is essential before closing the contract.

Number of guests

An important detail when choosing the wedding location is to know how many people will be invited and how many people the intended location holds. Will it be a party just for family and a few friends? Then choose a place that will behave well with the guests without too much space left to give an idea of “emptiness”. Now if you want a big party with a lot of guests, then choose a large place, with spacious parking, where people can circulate without great limitations.

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When choosing you should take into consideration not only the number of guests seated, but also the spaces destined for the bar, dance floor, stage, candy and coffee table, buffet points, and lounge. If you choose tables and chairs for everyone, make sure they are well distributed and with enough space for the waiters to circulate calmly among them.

If there is a ceremony in the place the care with space must be doubled. Remember that space is needed for the entrance hall, altar, godfathers, photographers, and musicians.

Style of the wedding

Just as there are couples’ styles there are also wedding styles: vintage, rustic, country, fairytale, beach, cocktail, ballad. The styles are varied, but what really matters is that the wedding has the face of the bride and groom. The wedding celebrates love and nothing better than doing the way the bride and groom have always dreamed! “Open your mind to think not only about the obvious places of marriage,”

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Wedding Schedule

Weddings by day ask for a more open place, in the open air, with more space for the circulation of guests and that values the natural light of the sun. Marriage during the day can be an interesting alternative for couples who are discreet, calm, and who do not need agitation and glamour. Besides that, day weddings yield beautiful photos! Some suggestions of places for a day wedding are farm, farm, beach, a historical place.

For weddings, during the night the most indicated places for the reception are party room, hotel, restaurant, that is, a more closed place and a little more formal. The night is very propitious to the environment of the party and dance.

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Cost-Benefit Ratio

The bride and groom already worry about so many things, don’t they?! Besides clothes, decoration, buffet, music, cake, you don’t want to worry about the Fire Department License or the Law of Silence, right? So, the important thing is to look for a place that makes your party easier and that is in accordance with the law. According to Fernanda, there are some facilities that party spaces can fulfill and you should be aware of them before closing the contract.

Wedding Photographer based out of North Georgia. Capturing only true natural genuine emotions that just can not be staged or planned.

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